Brad Slater

Music Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you teach group lessons?

No.  I personalise lessons for the individual student.  This can be hard to achieve in a group setting. I generally advise that individual lessons are better value. 

Do I need my own instrument?

Yes.  I am happy to advise students on the purchase of new or second hand instruments. 
I also recommend which accessories (such as reeds, mouthpieces, 
mouthpiece patches, straps etc) would be most suitable.

Do you supply sheet music?

I supply a certain amount of music that is not covered by copyright. 
The purchase of other sheet music is the student's responsibility.  
I advise students of which books to purchase and they are able to browse my collection.

When do you teach private students?

All lessons are arranged at mutually convenient times.  As I teach at a secondary school each day times for my Pascoe Vale studio have to be arranged for afternoon or evenings. Current vacancies for 2017 are Mondays 6.30pm and Thursdays 5.45pm

Will you teach a student at their home?

Unfortunately I can no longer accept new enrolments to teach at private home due to time constraints.

How old should my child be before starting music lessons?

I recommend that students be at least 9 years of age before beginning clarinet, saxophone or flute.   These instruments are all quite heavy (they are designed with adults in mind) and some students will not be able to reach the required keys.  In some cases flute students are able to start at a younger age if they use a special curved head joint to shorten the length of the instrument.  The recorder is a much lighter instrument and is therefore easier to hold.  I have taught students from 6 years of age on this instrument. Young students who wish to learn clarinet or saxophone are advised to read the Kinder Clarinet page as I have one of these instruments available for hire.

 Do you teach adult beginners?

Yes! No one is too old to begin a musical instrument. About half of my private students are adult beginners.I'm happy to work with them to achieve their goals and understand that they are often juggling family and/or work commitments.

 Other questions???

Feel free to email me at or call 0421 077 356 to discuss any other matters.